the right way, the first time

Why is Compose different?

My goal is to reach those looking for something beyond traditional interior design or full-scale brand strategizing.


When most people think about renovating their home, starting a business, or getting organized, they typically don’t have a limitless budget to hire a designer to help plan their space, properly brand and promote their business, or declutter. By offering various levels of service-- from basic consultation to floor plans and detailed concepts-- I am able to meet each client's individual needs and budgets.

Every solution I provide for my clients is design-driven, meaning it has been thoughtfully planned out to ensure it meets your short and long-term needs, looks great, and has stylistic, aesthetic, and physical durability.

By starting with a design-driven approach to every challenge, instead of relying on quick fixes or DIY ideas only, you will ultimately save time and money, and you'll end up with a polished, professional design that'll make your space or brand stand out.