I am committed to working with you to compose sustainable, simple-to-maintain spaces, organizational systems, and operating strategies for you, your home, and new or existing small business. My goal is to help you get the most out of your space, and maximize daily productivity and efficiency, all while being excited and inspired by your environment or brand.

What is composition? "An arrangement of the parts of a work of art so as to form a unified, harmonious whole." - Bruce Barnbaum, The Art of Photography
What is an environment? It's the space you occupy, and perhaps one you share with others. It's where you live and work. It should be both functional and interesting to look at. Your environment should reflect your personal, family's or business's brand. 
What is a brand? More than a name or logo, it's what you, your home, or your business embodies and stands for. It's your mission, values, the way you go about your work, how you operate, what you put into it, and what others get out of it. Establishing your brand will help you make consistent and cohesive decisions after our consultation is complete, and will help you focus on whatever goal it is you're trying to achieve.  
What is sustainability? My mission of sustainable solutions is twofold: I will help you choose consumable items that are durable, well-designed and dual-purposed, and produced in the most environmentally responsible way possible, but I'll also create an intuitive, logical, and reproducible rule system that you'll be able to easily follow and maintain for years to come.