challenges big & small

I design solutions for a wide variety of visual and functional challenges that everyday people face, well, pretty much everyday.

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  • MOVE-INS: unpacking and place-finding for housewares and furniture
  • SELLING YOUR HOME: home staging and simple fixes to increase buyer appeal of your home
  • RENOVATIONS: space planning and design consultation for a renovation, remodel, or new build
  • ORGANIZING: basic organization, closet make-overs, and better utilization of storage
  • CREATING SYSTEMS: complete home office or family command center overhaul to maximize daily functionality and efficiency
  • FURNITURE AND HOUSEWARES SOURCING AND SELECTION: help choosing sustainable, durable, and long-lasting furnishings and housewares
  • PAINT AND FINISHES: style and design boards to help you select paint colors, accessories, and finishes for any space


lifestyle & self

  • STREAMLINING FILING SYSTEMS: create an easy-to-replicate process for paper and digital files
  • TASK ORGANIZATION: design a system to track and manage regular, daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and events
  • PERSONAL BRANDING: audit and strengthen your personal brand, including designing your personal branding materials like a website, contacts cards, and resumé
  • GIFT REGISTRIES: assistance building a kick-ass wedding, housewarming, or baby registry with durability and sustainability in mind
  • DECLUTTERING: a decluttered life= a decluttered mind, so let's figure out the source of the clutter and get to work
  • DAILY OPERATIONS: devising strategies to improve efficiency of your day-to-day work/life/home operations 

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brick & mortar

  • SPACE AUDIT: customer feedback and suggestions for improvements to help stimulate business and attract customers
  • DESIGN CONSULTATION: space planning for renovations and redesigns
  • SPACE BRANDING: brand coherence throughout the space
  • SOURCING: paint, finishes, and furniture design boards
  • MERCHANDISING: display design and product styling
  • CUSTOM PROJECTS: installations and fabrications
  • PRINTED MATERIALS: cohesive design across all printed or paper products


Brand & identity

  • BRAND AUDIT: customer feedback and suggestions for improvements to help stimulate business and attract customers
  • BRAND COHESION: ensuring your brand and mission are clear and apparent in every space and on every surface they occupy
  • SYSTEMS OF WORK: creating transactional systems for consistency
  • VISUAL IDENTITY: business cards, visual marks and logos, websites, quotes, invoices, menus, post cards, mailers, brochures-- all with a cohesive look
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: getting accounts set up and a social media plan in place